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I was in a pit so i asked out for help and someone took advantage of me .Now im

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dawn76   in reply to AidpageTeam
i believe the person was from wishuponahero and
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AidpageTeam   in reply to missvh
That someone - who used your account info from PayPal - was that a member of Aidpage?
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Someone people on here are full of bs. Someone used my account info from paypal and bought $86 worth of men's clothes, they were from the UK. It overdrew my account. I changed my back account Friday. U got to be careful, u don't know who's who.
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I'm sorry to hear about you. What was the scam? What was his username? Somebody from here wanted to help me, but needed my account info. I asked him, if he can wire the money, he never got back to me. I refuse to send someone my account info. I didn't know who this man was.
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Did you meet this person through Aidpage?
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